Download of free books for kindle Haunted Ohio: Restless Spirits by Chris Woodyard

Haunted Ohio: Restless Spirits

Haunted Ohio: Restless Spirits

by Chris Woodyard

Publisher: Kestrel Publications
ISBN: 9780962847257
Pages: 224
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 6 Mb
Date posting: 2021-03-03


Haunted Ohio IV: Restless Spirits, includes list of haunted places open to the public, bibliography, indexes, 224 pp Over 100 Ohio ghost tales including the spirits of "Mistress Suzanne," a murdered bride who showed a honeymoon couple to their room, the "pasta-geist" who craved raw macaroni, "Bernie," the ghost with an attitude problem, and a phantom train still rushing to its fiery doom. You'll discover a haunted mirror, a phantom house, a skeletal ghost. Visit the Hotel Fort Piqua, a haunted orphanage in Lebanon, and a stately Masonic temple...