Ebook download free Kasparov's Fighting Chess 1999-2005 English version FB2 9780713489842 Tibor Karolyi, Nick Aplin

Kasparov's Fighting Chess 1999-2005

Kasparov's Fighting Chess 1999-2005

by Tibor Karolyi, Nick Aplin

Publisher: Batsford, B.T. Ltd.
ISBN: 9780713489842
Pages: 304
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
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Date posting: 2021-03-05


Garry Kasparov has dominated the world of competitive chess longer than any other world champion, and this period is one of the most fascinating and controversial of his career. It includes his many frustrated attempts to reunite the world championship, and ends with the dramatic announcement of his retirement, immediately after winning his seventh Linares tournament. International Master Tibor K?roly brings a rich selection of the exciting games of this period to life, offering extensive and illuminating ...