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Gnathia and related Hellenistic ware on the East Adriatic coast

Gnathia and related Hellenistic ware on the East Adriatic coast

by Maja Mise

Publisher: Brown, David Book Company
ISBN: 9781784911645
Pages: 178
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Date posting: 2021-05-10


Gnathia ware, originally produced in Apulia (today's Puglia in South East Italy), was found on numerous sites on the East Adriatic coast and in its hinterland: in the Greek settlements - majority of them in Issa, today's Vis on the island of Vis in Central Dalmatia - and in indigenous settlements on the East Adriatic coast, stretching from the Istrian peninsula in the north to the present-day Albania in the south. The high number and specific characteristics of Gnathia ware have raised questions about the development of local production, especially in ancient Issa. Thanks to numerous archaeological excavations in southern Italy, especially in Apulia, as well as the accompanying publications, current knowledge of Gnathia ware has reached a stage where we can speak of the entire production process: from moulding and decorative techniques, to firing and distribution; from identification of the different workshops to an understanding of the function of the vessels in different archaeological contexts. Familiarity with all of these aspects of production fosters an understanding of the establishment and development of Gnathia production in Issa. The aims of this study are fourfold: to present Gnathia ware on the East Adriatic coast; to define local Issaean Gnathia production, from the manufacturing process to its distribution (including the typology of shapes and decorations); to identify further workshops on the East Adriatic coast and their relationship to other types of Hellenistic pottery; and finally to understand the trade and contacts in the Adriatic during the Hellenistic period.