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The McLaren P1?: By Those Who Created It

The McLaren P1?: By Those Who Created It

by Andrew Frankel

Publisher: Prestel Publishing
ISBN: 9783791382494
Pages: 272
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
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Date posting: 2021-05-11


The definitive guide to the McLaren P1™, celebrating the launch of the McLaren P1™ GTR and detailing the high-tech aerodynamics and exquisite engineering McLaren has used to design and produce this dream car. The McLaren name is synonymous with high-performance supercars. The McLaren F1, launched in 1992, was considered the pinnacle of supercar production, and McLaren has now raised the bar yet again with the introduction of the groundbreaking McLaren P1™. Testament to the car's engineering excellence derived from 50 years of motorsport success, production of the McLaren P1™, limited to just 375 cars, was sold out in only three months, with each costing $1.15 Million. A track-only version, the McLaren P1™ GTR, was unveiled in 2014 and offered only to owners of the McLaren P1™. Ownership of the most extreme model ever produced by McLaren includes membership of the exclusive McLaren P1™ GTR Driver Programme. In this fascinating story of innovation and achievement, Andrew Frankel takes readers inside the McLaren Technology Centre to reveal how the company designed a hybrid racing machine that achieved unheard of efficiency on both the road and track. Frankel, who has been granted unprecedented access to the team behind the car, brings to life each step of its development, from engineering and testing to marketing, selling, and the customization of limited editions by the McLaren Special Operations team. Lavishly illustrated and engagingly written, this book reveals the inside story of the greatest supercar ever built.