Free digital downloadable books Virtualizing Data in Databases: Creating the Agile Data Platform iBook Woodrow Evans, Kyle Hailey in English 9781430261544

Virtualizing Data in Databases: Creating the Agile Data Platform

Virtualizing Data in Databases: Creating the Agile Data Platform

by Woodrow Evans, Kyle Hailey

Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781430261544
Pages: 225
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 6 Mb
Date posting: 2021-03-01


Virtualizing Data in Databases is about building on the techniques for virtualization that have been so successful in easing the management and cost of server infrastructure, and extending those techniques to the virtualization of corporate data. If you’ve ever been frustrated over the seemingly simple tasks of provisioning test databases for development projects, or spinning off reporting databases in response to fast-changing business opportunities, then you’re going to find much to like in this book. New techniques for data virtualization are built around recognizing that most of what sits in a given database remains static. To clone a database, one need only clone the small amount of data that is changing, and then to keep track of the ever-changing delta between clone and source. Virtualization helps you respond with swiftness and agility to the flood of ever-changing business requests that currently leave you harried and haggard. Creating a snapshot for reporting becomes a five-minute task involving a few button-clicks. Does every developer want their own copy of production in their development sandbox? You can give them that, and with almost no expenditure for additional storage. Migrating data into the cloud and back again can be done transparently. Data Virtualization is your introduction to the new world of software making all these things possible by transforming data management into an agile and responsive business asset. Explains the foundation for the virtualizing of corporate data Compares and contrasts different cloning technologies Presents case-studies highlighting the benefits to be obtained What you’ll learn Accelerate application development by providing each application developer with their own production sandbox, and at almost no additional cost for additional storage. Provide continuously fresh data to development and test projects at a cost less than you currently incur to provide stale and infrequently-refreshed data. Support enterprise testing efforts with high-quality data fresh from production that can be refreshed upon a moment’s notice to support iterative regression testing. Enable enterprise business intelligence by providing stable snapshots of data with unprecedented swiftness and agility. Transparently move data into and out of cloud environments, without incurring application downtime. Secure virtualized corporate data from insider threat, and outside attack. Who this book is for Virtualizing Data in Databases is aimed at those frustrated by the tangled difficulty involved in making production data available in swift and agile manner for enterprise reporting, for software development, for testing. The book also appeals to those wanting to decouple their data from specific storage platforms and gain new abilities to move data into the cloud. Virtualizing Data in Databases is written for the technology-minded business user and the management-minded technologist.