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Last Train to Istanbul

Last Train to Istanbul

by Ayse Kulin

Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 9781477807613
Pages: 382
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 10 Mb
Date posting: 2021-01-18


“Ayşe Kulin is a clever writer. She draws the reader into the story of the life and loves of a Turkish family in wartime, and by the time the reader realizes that she has also cranked up the tension with a rescue plot, it is too late to put the book down unfinished. For aficionados of wartime novels, as well as for anyone glued to his or her seat watching the film Argo, this is a must read.” — Helen Bryan, bestselling author of War Brides and The Sisterhood Born into privilege to one of the last Ottoman paşas, ...